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Skin Cancer Reconstruction in Brighton, MI

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Skin Cancer Reconstruction at Elements Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics

Learning you have skin cancer is an upsetting and challenging experience. Advanced techniques like Mohs surgery have improved outcomes for skin cancer patients by precisely removing the cancer when it is still in its early stages. As successful as modern treatment methods are, they can leave visible scars and gaps in tissue that greatly affect an individual’s feelings about their appearance and their general confidence in themselves.

The good news is that there are many treatments available to help restore the appearance of the treatment area and help you build a renewed sense of confidence and health. Dr. Vincent McGinniss, DO, FACS, FAOCO-HNS, has performed countless reconstructive procedures to help people put skin cancer behind them and feel more like themselves again. If you are ready to take the next step in healing, contact us at Elements Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics to schedule your skin cancer reconstruction consultation today.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction Brighton

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What is Skin Cancer Reconstruction?

Skin cancer reconstruction refers to the surgical procedure performed to repair or reconstruct the skin and surrounding tissues after the removal of skin cancer. When a skin cancer lesion is detected, a dermatologist or surgeon will typically remove the cancerous tissue through a procedure called excision or Mohs surgery. After the cancerous tissue is removed, the goal is to restore the appearance and function of the affected area. This is where skin cancer reconstruction comes into play.

The reconstruction process depends on various factors, such as the size and location of the removed skin cancer, the depth of the excision, and the general health of the patient. For skin cancer reconstruction Brighton patients have access to a variety of techniques and procedures, including:

Primary Closure: For smaller skin cancer lesions, the wound may be stitched together directly after the excision.

Skin Grafting: If the wound is too large to close directly, a skin graft may be taken from a donor site and used to cover and repair the tissue in the surgical site.

Local Flaps: This technique involves repositioning nearby healthy tissue to cover the wound, preserving the blood supply and ensuring better healing.

The main goal of skin cancer reconstruction is not only to close the wound but also to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result, minimize scarring, and restore function to the affected area while ensuring the cancer has been completely removed.

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What are the benefits of Skin Cancer Reconstruction?

At our practice in Brighton Skin cancer reconstruction offers several benefits to patients who have undergone surgical removal of skin cancer. Some of the key benefits include:

Restoring Appearance: Skin cancer reconstruction minimizes the visible impact of the surgical procedure, helping patients regain a more natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Improved Functionality: Depending on the location and size of the skin cancer, its removal may have affected the function of the area. Reconstruction helps to restore functionality, such as improving mobility, range of motion, and the ability to perform everyday activities.

Psychological Well-Being: Skin cancer diagnosis and treatment can be emotionally distressing for patients. Reconstruction can have a positive impact on a patient's self-esteem and body image, promoting better psychological well-being and confidence.

Reduced Risk of Complications: Proper skin cancer reconstruction helps to reduce the risk of complications that might arise from leaving a wound open. This includes minimizing the risk of infection and ensuring better healing of the surgical site.

Customized Solutions: Skin cancer reconstruction is tailored to each patient's individual needs, taking into account factors such as the size and location of the wound, skin type, and overall health. This personalized approach ensures the best possible outcome for each patient.

Comprehensive Cancer Treatment: By undergoing reconstruction, patients can complete their skin cancer treatment journey, ensuring that all cancerous tissue has been removed and the affected area has been fully restored.

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Your Skin Cancer Reconstruction Consultation

Dr. McGinniss is a highly knowledgeable and compassionate plastic and reconstructive surgeon committed to delivering surgical outcomes that improve the quality of people’s lives. Exploring your treatment options begins with a one-on-one consultation to carefully assess your case and avail you of the information you need to make educated decisions about your care. Elements is a fully-equipped surgical center with an experienced clinical staff, giving patients from the Brighton area and beyond access to unparalleled care. We are here to guide you carefully through every step of your treatment—making it a positive and transformational experience—and to deliver results that help you reclaim your most confident, empowered self.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction Brighton

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Your Skin Cancer Reconstruction Procedure

Your skin cancer reconstruction treatment will be designed around a careful assessment of the treatment area and performed with consideration of your unique anatomy and aesthetic goals. Dr. McGinniss will go over the steps of your treatment with you at your consultation, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the procedure, recovery, and anticipated results. Depending on the techniques employed, anesthesia or sedation may be administered for your comfort before your treatment begins. After your treatment or procedure, we will monitor you carefully in our recovery area to ensure your comfort before releasing you to return home. If general anesthesia is to be administered, we will instruct you to arrange for a friend or family member to drive you home.

Ongoing Support and Guidance

Skin Cancer Reconstruction Recovery and Aftercare

We will provide clear instructions on caring for the treatment site after your procedure and monitor the progress of your healing at follow-up visits. Following these aftercare instructions and practicing careful sun protection are essential to achieving the best possible outcome from your treatment. We are always here to answer questions and ensure you have the information and resources you need to achieve the best results from your treatment.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction Brighton

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Skin Cancer Reconstruction Results

Depending on the treatment employed, it may take between days and weeks to see optimal healing in the treatment area. The appearance of the treatment site may continue to improve over the course of several months as the body’s healing process continues. Caring for your skin, wearing sunscreen, and covering up on sunny days will ensure the best results possible. Following skin cancer reconstruction, patients often feel more like themselves again, giving them renewed confidence and improved well-being.

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Skin Cancer Reconstruction Brighton
Skin Cancer Reconstruction Brighton
Skin Cancer Reconstruction Brighton
Skin Cancer Reconstruction Brighton
Skin Cancer Reconstruction Brighton


By harnessing the power of fire through our laser and energy treatments, we can give your daily life a spark of joy and excitement. Like a phoenix reborn in the flame, our plastic surgery procedures can rekindle a confidence in yourself that leave you feeling warm and powerful, day in and day out.


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Skin Cancer Reconstruction Frequently Asked Questions

Not always. However, in cases where larger skin cancers were removed, skin cancer reconstruction can restore the appearance of the affected area. In some cases, reconstruction can also be vital to improving function and preventing future complications at the treatment site.

Skin cancer reconstruction surgery can typically be performed once the wound from the initial skin cancer removal has adequately healed, which is usually within a few weeks to a couple of months. The exact timing depends on individual healing rates and the extent of the surgical procedure. We can offer personalized advice at the time of your consultation.

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