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Scar Revision in Brighton, MI

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Scar Revision at Elements Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics

Embrace your body’s healing abilities and watch healthier skin emerge with scar revision treatments. Scars left by surgery, trauma, or even conditions like acne can be dramatically reduced or eliminated with state-of-the-art scar treatments, letting your most resilient skin shine through. Scar revision can help anyone bearing scars they’d like to put behind them and may be especially helpful for people with scars in prominent areas that cause self-consciousness or decreased self-esteem. Our compassionate and highly experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeon can help Brighton scar revision patients recall smooth, supple skin and emerge feeling renewed and confident.

Scar Revision in Brighton, MI  Brighton

Serene Skin

What is Scar Revision?

Scar revision refers to any treatment to reduce the appearance of scars and help them blend in better with the surrounding skin. Because scars vary greatly in size, location, and type, different approaches may be used to reduce their appearance.

Types of Scars

Normal or mature scars:

These are the typical scars that form after most injuries or surgeries. Over time, they tend to become flatter, lighter in color, and less noticeable. Mature scars are usually not painful or itchy.

Keloid scars:

Keloids are raised and thickened scars that often grow beyond the boundaries of the original injury or wound. They result from an overproduction of collagen during the healing process. Keloids can be itchy and painful and may continue to grow over time. They are more common in individuals with darker skin tones.

Hypertrophic scars:

Similar to keloid scars, hypertrophic scars are raised and red but do not extend beyond the original wound area. They are caused by an overproduction of collagen but tend to regress and become flatter with time.

Atrophic scars:

These scars are characterized by a sunken or depressed appearance, often resulting from the loss of underlying tissue during the healing process. Acne scars are a common example of atrophic scars.

Contracture scars:

These scars occur after the skin has been severely burned. As they heal, the skin tightens and can restrict movement, potentially affecting muscles and nerves.

Acne scars:

Acne scars can be atrophic or hypertrophic and result from severe acne lesions damaging the skin's collagen and tissue during the healing process.

Stretch marks (Striae):

Stretch marks are a form of scarring that occurs when the skin is stretched rapidly, such as during pregnancy or significant weight gain. They appear as streaks or lines and are most commonly found on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and breasts.

Surgical scars:

These scars result from surgical incisions and vary in appearance depending on the surgical technique used and the individual's healing process.

Everyone's healing process is different, so the appearance of scars can vary significantly from person to person. Additionally, certain factors like genetics, age, and overall health can influence how scars form and heal. While some scars may naturally fade and become less noticeable over time, others may require medical interventions such as laser treatments, corticosteroid injections, or surgical scar revision to improve their appearance.

Scar Treatment Methods

The improvement that can be achieved with scar revision will depend on the acuteness of your scar as well as the type of scar and its location on the body. A single scar revision technique is often able to significantly reduce the appearance of a scar. In some cases, a blend of techniques may be most effective.

Skin Resurfacing: Advanced light and laser therapies promote remodeling in the dermis and epidermis, helping turn over scar tissue and generate healthy skin cells to effectively reduce the appearance of many types of scars.

Dermal Fillers: Dermal fillers are an excellent modality for filling in depressed scars, such as those caused by acne. Dermal fillers can also be combined with subcision, a technique in which a small needle is used to lift the base of the depressed scar, also stimulating collagen production. By injecting filler beneath the subcision site, the scar can be evened out with the rest of the skin.

Surgical Revision: For deeper scars, a surgical method may be employed. An incision is created to remove the root of the scar tissue and then closed carefully at each skin layer in a layered closure technique. In some cases, a skin graft or skin flap may be transplanted to the area to aid in tissue reconstruction and healing. Scar revision can also help improve the results of a previous skin flap or graft procedure

Steroid Injections: Steroid injections are another method of scar revision that is especially helpful in treating keloids as well as hypertrophic scars without surgery.

Embrace Your Body’s Resilience

What are the benefits of Scar Revision?

Scar revision improves the appearance of scars, reducing their size, thickness, or discoloration, which can improve your confidence and self-esteem. With a scar revision Brighton patients can improve mobility and reduce discomfort associated with tight or raised scars. Additionally, scar revision may be used to blend the scar with the surrounding skin, making it less noticeable. However, it's essential to note that scar revision cannot entirely eliminate scars but can significantly improve their appearance and texture, leading to improved quality of life and emotional well-being for the individual.

Scar Revision in Brighton, MI  Brighton

Move Forward

Your Scar Revision Consultation

Envision the possibilities of scar revision to help you reclaim wholeness and beauty by scheduling your consultation with plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Vincent McGinniss. With years of advanced training and experience, including dual board certifications, Dr. McGinniss possesses the professional insights and keen eye for aesthetics to plan a treatment that helps you accomplish your goals. At Elements Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics in Brighton Scar Revision consultations with our caring team reveal innovative options for transforming your scars.

Uniquely Tailored to Your Needs

Your Scar Revision Procedure

Every scar is unique, and so is every scar revision treatment. Laser treatments, dermal fillers, or a surgical approach may be employed, or a combination of these treatments. Techniques like laser often require a series of sessions to deliver optimal results. We will educate you about what to expect from your scar revision therapy, clearly outlining the details of your treatment, any recovery requirements or expected side effects, and the type of results you can expect.

Scar Revision in Brighton, MI  Brighton

Guidance for Every Step of Your Journey

Scar Revision Recovery and Aftercare

Scar revision treatments initiate a new healing process in the treatment area. We will provide you with instructions for caring for the treatment area to ensure optimal healing and scar reduction. Practicing careful sun protection is vital to helping the skin repair itself and minimize signs of damage. Healing can take several weeks to complete, with the appearance of the scar continuing to fade and refine itself as the skin rebuilds.

Smooth Sailing Ahead

Scar Revision Results

Scar revision can dramatically reduce the appearance of many types of scars. Patients tend to be highly satisfied with the results of their treatment. Although it is not always possible to completely eliminate the signs of past surgery or trauma, treatment can help both the color and texture of scars blend in with the surrounding skin. Even older scars you have been living with for years can be reduced, delivering a boost in self-esteem and confidence you may not have realized was possible.

Harnessing The Elements of Beauty

The Elements Plastic Surgery Difference

Scar Revision in Brighton, MI  Brighton
Scar Revision in Brighton, MI  Brighton
Scar Revision in Brighton, MI  Brighton
Scar Revision in Brighton, MI  Brighton
Scar Revision in Brighton, MI  Brighton


By harnessing the power of fire through our laser and energy treatments, we can give your daily life a spark of joy and excitement. Like a phoenix reborn in the flame, our plastic surgery procedures can rekindle a confidence in yourself that leave you feeling warm and powerful, day in and day out.


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When you believe in yourself and love the way you look, you’ll move through life with a bounce in your step and the wind at your back. We’ve set up our practice to make each procedure as breezy and effortless as possible. No high pressure sales tactics. No blowing smoke. Just honest, helpful, practical advice, from consultation to recovery and beyond.


Our surgeon and aesthetic professionals know how to sculpt and shape our patients like the works of art they are. Every millimeter matters, and we leave no stone unturned when it comes to your consultation. We listen to your goals, help you find the right procedures to reach them, and then get granular, making sure no detail is missed during your beauty journey.

Scar Revision Frequently Asked Questions

Scar revision is typically most effective for scars that are raised, depressed, wide, or discolored. It can also be beneficial for scars that cause functional issues or restrict movement. The best way to learn if scar revision is a good choice for you is to schedule a consultation with a scar revision specialist like our cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. McGinniss, who will analyze the treatment area in order to provide individual guidance for your case.

The timing for considering scar revision will depend on the type and nature of the scar. In general, it is best to wait until the scar has fully matured before considering scar revision. This typically means waiting for at least six to 12 months after the initial injury or surgery. However, there are exceptions where early scar revision may be necessary, such as in cases of functional impairment or when the scar is causing significant psychological distress. In such instances, a consultation can help determine the appropriate timing for scar revision based on individual circumstances.

The success of scar revision depends on various factors, including the type of scar, its location, the individual's healing response, and the chosen approach. While scar revision can significantly improve the appearance of scars, it is unlikely to completely remove them. However, in most cases, the goal is to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing and less conspicuous scar.

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