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Facelift in Brighton, MI

An Elevated Approach

Facelift at Elements Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics

Unhappy with the way your mid or lower face has changed in recent years? You are not alone. Good skincare and non-surgical rejuvenation methods can help maintain the quality of your complexion. However, time and gravity still take their toll on the underlying tissues of the face. A facelift addresses the sagging, laxity, and jowls that change the facial contours over time, stealing their youthful definition. For patients seeking comprehensive facial rejuvenation, a facelift remains the gold standard of care. Dr. Vincent McGinniss’s renowned skill as a facial and cosmetic surgeon makes him a trusted choice for your facelift in Brighton, MI.

Facelift in Brighton, Michigan  Brighton

Sleek, Youthful Contours

What is a Facelift?

A facelift is a surgical procedure that restores one’s natural youthful appearance by repositioning the descended tissues of the cheeks, jowls, and neck. Today’s innovative techniques deliver more natural-looking results than ever before and are highly customizable to the needs and goals of the individual.

Dr. McGinniss explains that the term “facelift” is a bit of a misnomer because it only addresses the lower two-thirds of the face, not the entire face. A brow lift addresses the upper one-third of the face and usually is accompanied by eyelid lifts. Adding to the confusion, a facelift often includes improvement of the neck. A more accurate word for “facelift” would be “lower-two-thirds-of-the-face-and-neck-lift.” Rolls off the tongue, right? For some reason, this term hasn’t caught on yet.

Deeply Rejuvenated

What types of Facelifts are offered?

The face has many layers of tissue that contribute to your unique facial structure. As we move from the superficial to the deeper layers, we encounter first the skin, then the superficial fat pads, the SMAS, the deep fat pads, and then the facial bone structure. The superficial musculoaponeurotic system, or SMAS, can be thought of as a layer in the face that is made up of an organized fibrous network of tissues that envelop the mimetic muscles.

Each of these layers can also experience the effects of aging, with skin and muscles losing elasticity and fat pads shifting or diminishing. Modern approaches to the facelift involve nuanced adjustments among these layers and careful reduction of excess skin and underlying tissues as needed. Dr. McGinniss customizes every facelift he performs to the patient’s unique goals and facial structure to deliver the most comprehensive and long-lasting results possible. In some cases, a Neck Lift , either performed in isolation or in conjunction with a facelift, is a good choice, depending on the main areas of concern and the patient’s goals.

Lift Away the Years

What are the benefits of a Facelift?

After a facelift Brighton patients at our practice experience a remarkable transformation, as years are gracefully lifted away from their facial appearance. Although these tissues are still susceptible to subsequent aging as time passes, you will always look younger than you would have without the surgery. Excess skin and muscle tissue are trimmed and repositioned into a more youthful position, providing firmer, smoother, more athletic contours. Skin rejuvenation treatments like laser or microneedling can further refine the appearance of the skin, helping smooth away creases and fine lines. After a facelift, you will enjoy more youthful contours that help you feel your best when you look in the mirror.

Facelift in Brighton, Michigan  Brighton

Care You Can Count On

Your Facelift Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about a facelift, your first step is to meet personally with Dr. McGinniss to discuss your goals. He will listen carefully to your reasons for considering surgery and help you get a clear picture of the results you can expect to achieve. The entire team at Elements Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics is committed to delivering highly personalized care and empowering you to make informed choices about any treatment that interests you. Schedule your consultation today to learn more about your options.

Unparalleled Compassion Meets World-Class Techniques

Your Facelift Procedure

At our practice in Brighton Facelift patients are actively involved in the planning stages of their procedure, ensuring they are fully educated about the precise details of their surgery. General anesthesia is administered for your comfort and safety during your procedure. We will ensure you have arranged for a friend, family member, or medical caretaker to drive you home after your procedure and help you around the house for a day or two. It is important for you to get plenty of rest during early recovery and follow the aftercare instructions we provide.

Facelift in Brighton, Michigan  Brighton

Dramatically Refreshed

Facelift Results

It will take a little time for post-procedure swelling to diminish, with optimal results beginning to emerge after about a month. Your results will continue to become more refined in the months that follow as the tissues settle into place. Excess skin and sagging tissue will be reduced, resulting in much more taut, youthful contours. These results will last for many years to come, usually a decade or more. Most people look many years younger after having a facelift and enjoy renewed confidence and better self-esteem.

Rest, Relax, Renew

Facelift Recovery and Aftercare

Most people take about two weeks off of work after having a facelift. You will start to feel more comfortable moving around and resuming light activities after about a week, but you should continue to give yourself ample time to rest and heal. Make sure to attend all scheduled follow-up appointments and follow the aftercare instructions we provide. We are here to accompany you through your recovery, answer any questions that arise, and help you enjoy your beautiful results.

Harnessing The Elements of Beauty

The Elements Plastic Surgery Difference

Facelift in Brighton, Michigan  Brighton
Facelift in Brighton, Michigan  Brighton
Facelift in Brighton, Michigan  Brighton
Facelift in Brighton, Michigan  Brighton
Facelift in Brighton, Michigan  Brighton


By harnessing the power of fire through our laser and energy treatments, we can give your daily life a spark of joy and excitement. Like a phoenix reborn in the flame, our plastic surgery procedures can rekindle a confidence in yourself that leave you feeling warm and powerful, day in and day out.


Water is life. Hydration is beautiful. When your cells are healthy, you’ll see the difference in your skin. From hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to PRP treatments and other procedures that give your complexion volume and vibrancy, our mastery of the element of hydration will keep you looking fresh, fit, and fabulous.


When you believe in yourself and love the way you look, you’ll move through life with a bounce in your step and the wind at your back. We’ve set up our practice to make each procedure as breezy and effortless as possible. No high pressure sales tactics. No blowing smoke. Just honest, helpful, practical advice, from consultation to recovery and beyond.


Our surgeon and aesthetic professionals know how to sculpt and shape our patients like the works of art they are. Every millimeter matters, and we leave no stone unturned when it comes to your consultation. We listen to your goals, help you find the right procedures to reach them, and then get granular, making sure no detail is missed during your beauty journey.

Facelift Frequently Asked Questions

Below, Dr. McGinniss discusses some of the most common questions he is asked about the facelift procedure.

People sometimes also mistakenly think that if we pull the skin tight enough in facelift surgery, all of the wrinkles will be gone. For many reasons, this is not true. First of all, if one puts too much tension on the skin in facelift surgery, the scars are more unfavorable, the results of the lifted tissues are short-lived, and the wrinkles remain. Wrinkles are a natural process that occurs in aging skin. As we age, we lose important components in the skin, like collagen and elastin, which results in sagging skin that has more pronounced lines and crevices. Essentially we have two separate problems, which are treated differently. The sagging tissues of the cheek, jawline, and neck that occur from things like volume loss and gravity are treated with a facelift. The wrinkles within the skin itself are better addressed with resurfacing techniques like lasers, chemical peels, or dermabrasion. An analogy I use with my patients is that the skin of the face and neck are like a bed sheet. The facelift tucks in the sheets, and the laser irons out the wrinkles.

The superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) is a layer of tissue underlying the skin of the face. It is inferior to the zygomatic arch and superior to the platysma muscle. The temporoparietal fascia (aka superficial temporal fascia) is continuous with the SMAS superiorly, and this continues as the galea aponeurotic in the scalp. Inferiorly the SMAS is continuous with the platysma muscle. When one draws a line from the angle of the mandible to the lateral canthus (outer corner of the eye), the mobility of the SMAS is different on each side. The SMAS lateral to this line is more “Fixed” and less mobile because of its attachments to the parotid gland. The SMAS medial to this line is more mobile, and this is an important concept to understand when talking about the differences between lateral SMAS techniques and "deep plane" techniques.

Regardless of the technique, the SMAS plays a role in successful facelifts today. Once the SMAS is identified, there are many different ways to create the appropriate lift. Some surgeons will fold it upon itself (plication), which some argue is safer because, classically, there isn’t any sub-SMAS dissection where one worries about the possibility of injuring the facial nerve. Advocates also feel that it cuts down on surgical time. Disadvantages may include limitations of possible lift, the bulkiness of the tissues where it is folded (some say this could also be an advantage as a volumizing effect), or still a risk to facial nerve injury by inadvertently including it in the stitch that folds the SMAS.

Lateral SMAS techniques classically make an incision in the more “fixed” or lateral SMAS and usually include some degree of subSMAS dissection. It is thought to be safer since the initial dissection sub-SMAS begins over the parotid gland. The facial nerve here is embedded within the parotid gland, thus, protected. Of course, once dissection proceeds more anterior, the facial nerve branches exit the parotid gland and are more exposed. It is important to note that dissection immediately subSMAS is an appropriate and safe plane. Some surgeons perform a lateral SMASectmy, essentially removing a strip of lateral SMAS and then suturing the cut ends together in order to create the desired lift. SMAS imbrication (imbricate means to layer, similar to the way shingles on a roof overlap each other in layers) is when an incision is made, and the SMAS is then mobilized and layered upon itself to create the desired lift. The advantages are long-lasting and safe results. Some feel that improvement of the medial face is limited with these techniques since the more medial soft tissues are not classically released. Also, the initial dissection more laterally is more difficult to perform, given the more fixed SMAS to the parotid gland.

The term “deep plane” for the deep plane technique described by Sam Hamra is a bit of a confusing term. The main difference from the lateral SMAS techniques is that in the deep plane technique, the initial incision made in the SMAS is made at the line drawn from the angle of the mandible to the lateral canthus instead of being behind this line as in the Lateral SMAS techniques. Essentially, the subSMAS dissection begins immediately at the more mobile medial SMAS. The original deep plane facelift is actually superficial to the SMAS in the neck, below the SMAS in the lower face, and superficial to the SMAS higher in the face as one transitions the dissection from below the orbicularis oculi muscle to then be superficial to the zygomaticus major and minor muscles. This essentially becomes a deep subcutaneous dissection here to incorporate releases of the zygomatic cutaneous ligaments and mobilization of the malar fat pads while avoiding potential injury to the facial nerve.

The most recent "extended deep plane” facelift Jacono describes is a modification of the original Hamra technique. Hamra remained superficial to the platysma muscle and employed plication of the platysma at the neck. Jacono’s technique includes an extensive subplatysmal dissection connected to the subSMAS dissection. Also, the dissection in the midface begins above (instead of under) the orbicularis oculi muscle and continues in this plane on the surface of the zygomatic muscles in a safe plane protecting the facial nerve. The addition of a myotomy just inferior to the mandible creates a myoplastic flap that acts as a hammock of soft tissue that can help further tighten a neck with a nice natural jawline contour.

Often a facelift includes improvements to the lower two-thirds of the face and also the neck region. A lot of the neck work can be improved with the typical lateral incisions hidden around the ears and hairlines that we make to gain access to the SMAS. Issues with the anterior neck may require an additional incision under the chin to treat a variety of conditions. Platysma bands, preplatysmal fat excess, subplatysmal fat excess, large submandibular glands, and large digastric muscles are common problems here that we need to address in order to have the best results possible. Not every patient requires attention to all of these problems, so a very careful physical exam and sound communication with the patient to fully understand their goals is imperative when precisely planning their individualized treatment plan.

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We make planning your journey of transformation a beautiful experience. Schedule your personal consultation today to discuss your goals and receive expert advice on how to achieve them. We are here to help you navigate your options and select services that fit into your lifestyle. We love delivering results that improve our patients’ lives and can’t wait to help you achieve optimal health, beauty, and confidence.

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